My name is Aidan Harvey-Craig and for the past 15 years I have worked with teenagers and young adults in schools across England and Africa as a psychology teacher, a lecturer in the psychology of education and a leader of student wellbeing. 


Now I'm training in the use of cognitive behavioural therapy for teenagers and young adults. I'm also writing a book about student wellbeing with the lovely people at  Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

I've worked as an assistant forensic  psychologist,  running Anger Management and Cognitive Skills courses for Category A offenders in a maximum security prison.


I went on to gain an MEd in the psychology of education and  have presented regularly at the conference for the Association of Teachers of Psychology and at the conference for the Division of Forensic Psychology. My previous publications range from research into the profiling of hostage incidents in HM prison service to examining ways to foster independence in teenage student learning.

Right now, I live and work in Malawi with my wife and my two teenage daughters.

What are Wellbeing Hacks?

Wellbeing Hacks stem from my work in prisons and schools, where it's important to keep things practical and focused. Wellbeing Hacks are simple, evidence-based ideas that often help unravel more complicated underlying theories and insights into how young people can enhance mental health and wellbeing in their lives.

Having spent 15 years working with young people in schools I've seen, first-hand, the stresses and strains that many of them experience. It's from this basis of experience and expertise that I have chosen the Psychology Hacks. My only rule was to use every corner of psychology - to cherry-pick the best ideas from each discipline - neuroscience to psychodynamics, cognitive to sport psychology. I've used everything and anything I felt would be useful for the young people I work with.

But more importantly...


...my real claim to fame is when a band I was in - Russian Flying Squirrel - made an appearance on the  BBC programme The UK's Best Part-Time Band. For the record, comedian Rhod Gilbert described our music as: 'Like being licked by God'.